Pix Of Tasmania’s East Coast – Hobart to St. Helens

Finally – the first batch of pix of my ’round Tasmania bike ride. These come from the first week and cover the route up Tassie’s east coast from Hobart. Rolling countryside, farm fields, and beaches, beaches, beaches – an enjoyable start to the trip.

Hobart To St. Helens

my Hobart To St. Helens route

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5 Responses to Pix Of Tasmania’s East Coast – Hobart to St. Helens

  1. biff says:



    • true_north says:

      Biff, I only cycled Tas and did not even get to the rest of Australia. Maybe next time!

      As for NZ, I did a South Island ramble three Februaries ago from Christchurch down Invercargill via the west Coast. See the Bicyle Touring folder for the lowdown!

  2. boristoronto says:

    Wow the pictures looks fantastic. Oz has alway been a fascination of mine, spent the summer of 2013 there and just can’t get enough.

    • true_north says:

      For someone coming from Canada there is a familiarity about Oz and Tas ….same 19th Century British colonial history, many similar names of places, even the scenery in Tas reminded me of bits and pieces of the Canada I have seen, just arranged a bit differently!

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