Toe Ron Toe as the American visitors say or Trawna as the guys up north in Parry Sound do or plain and simple T.O.  or the newer T dot or even more-recent Drake-associated The Six – Toronto is  North America’s fifth largest urban sprawl  and  has been my home and base camp for the past forty years.

1 Mexico City, Mexico 19,411,000
2 New York City, United States 18,718,000
3 Los Angeles, United States 12,298,000
4 Chicago, United States 8,814,000
5 Toronto, Canada 6,054,000
6 Miami, United States 5,434,000
7 Philadelphia, United States 5,392,000
8 Dallas-Fort Worth, United States 4,655,000
9 Boston, United States 4,361,000
10 Houston, United States 4,320,000

I’ve spent most of those years in an area of the city known as Riverdale, a manageable slice of community in the heart of  the megacity. It’s got a great main street in The Danforth from Broadview to Pape Avenues and is separated from downtown by the Don River Valley, a slice of green where I often go for walks with our Icelandic Sheepdog Viggo.

rough guides

I set up this folder to encourage me to take a closer look at the space I spend most of my time in.  While I lug my camera gear 5000 kilometers to capture special places and moments,   I too often walk by the very same magic in my own backyard!

Toronto’s Main Street In Transition – Yonge Street From Yorkville to Dundas

Toronto’s Main Street In Transition – Yonge From Dundas to the Harbour

T.O. Sunday Morning: Cycling The Lakeshore To Port Credit

Sakura Hanami: Viewing High Park’s Cherry Blossoms

Checking Out Downtown Toronto’s Street Art

Rambling Around Downtown Toronto On A Saturday In October

City Lights: My Toronto In Mid-December

The Post-Apocalyptic Look  of Toronto’s Lower Don Valley

Viggo Checks Out Toronto’s First Real Snowfall – December 2014

There are more posts on the Riverdale neighbourhood of Toronto in the folder Viggo’s Den.  Do be prepared for  my Icelandic Sheepdog to be popping up in a few of the photos!




I need to get a guide-book to Toronto and start looking  at everything for the first time!



Your comments and questions are always appreciated, as are any suggestions on how to make this post more useful to future travellers. Just drop me a line or two!

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