Sri Lanka – What Caught My Eye

Last revised on March 7, 2017.

Previous Post: Walking In Sri Lanka’s Hill Country and Cultural Triangle

Early this year, I avoided over three weeks of an unusually bitter Toronto winter by visiting Sri Lanka for the first time. For two weeks, I joined a small group organized by Exodus Travels, a UK small group adventure travel company. I did a walking tour of the island’s hill country (see here for the tour description at the Exodus website).

I followed that up with another week of visiting “the cultural triangle” on my own.

Sri Lanka’s “Cultural Triangle”

I found a fascinating multi-layered society with welcoming people, stunning scenery, and a rich – and yes, somewhat tortured – history.  What follows is a collection of some of what caught my eye as the tour unfolded. Individual posts on various topics will eventually make their way to the blogosphere!  In the meanwhile, click on the first image to enter the slide show format and see why Sri Lanka is back on the list of “must” countries to visit.

Tip: Click on the first image to start the slide show…

Check out the Sri Lanka section of the Easy Travelling folder in the header for any of a dozen posts for more on the various places I visited during my too-short stay!

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